The Poet Keeps on Writing [poetry video]

I assembled the best poets I know for a poetry collective on patreon. The above video is a sample of the kind of work you can expect.

NaPoWriMo 2020 #10 [with video]

My Writing Routine

Nowadays I write with exacerbation
trying to goad an apocalypse to some fruition.
It happens around 2am
or 12:30
or 4am
whatever the time
it has to be dark and I must be alone.

I make the coffee and read some Don Delillo
or Wanda Coleman
just a few pages
to get my brain horned up for words.

I smoke many cigarettes
I drink many coffees
I don’t masturbate
or think of myself as a martyr
I use the bathroom
I think of things in my day
and how they relate to
everything else in the world
I rarely eat

Sometimes there is bad music
playing in my head.
Sometimes it’s Nu Metal
from the early 2000s.
This is bad for business.
I listen to good music
or the words don’t come.

I swaddle myself in cocoons of creation.
I am a shimmering wizard
throwing ideas against walls
and making them stick.

Before I know it a poem appears.

I read back over what I wrote
and live forever in my hollow magicks.