I once made out with a woman who was obsessed with Anna Akhmatova

I once made out with a woman

who was obsessed with Anna Akhmatova

We were at a party for the Austin Literary nerds
and got into an argument over
minute edits in another person’s poem.
It was a heated debate and in the middle of it
she kissed me and I kissed back.
Travis gave us a ride to her place.
The whole time she was going on about
this Russian poet named Anna Akhmatova.
Her place was on Enfield
right next to Waterloo Park.
The apartment was huge.
Original wood floors.
Weird lighting.
The sort of place that goes for 3 grand a month now.
Her room was spare.
Bare-bulbed lamp.
Piles of books.
A mattress on the floor.
She made me read Anna Akhmatova
and I didn’t see in it what she saw.
So she decided not to fuck me.
And we went to sleep.
Apparently Travis had sex with her a few weeks later.
And she went into a fugue state soon after.
Nobody could find her.
She just disappeared.
And that’s the last I heard of her.