I will tame blank pages [poem]

I will tame blank pages

Like The Titanic tamed the iceberg

Like Kennedy tamed the bullet

Like The Challenger tamed the bonds of earth

Alienation #6

At the high end shopping facility
Everything presents as a threat
The opulence surrounding

The mannequins
Grey menace

The Range Rovers harsh
Their halogens upon a blinded world

Footsteps which
Bear the weight
Of state violence

Fingers which know the touch
Of 911 dials
Antifa paranoias
Those who smile and wave to cops

Now we know who they’re willing
To slaughter
In untold number
To avoid the slightest inconvenience

Alienation #5


I empty thick harrows in muddy heaps

Plasticine and shadowed

There is no room for this face anymore.


Pigments of hair

Rile in aisles

The thickness of manes

Carry worth


What r u

Some sort of

Blank vector

Through which

All anxieties plunder?


I am aether transpondent


A yawn rises

It’s only 3am

You’re not allowed to sleep anymore

Not since the war


There is no righteousness in your mercy

But you’re sanctimonious all the same.

suicide by cop

The idea that somebody
Can commit suicide
By somebody else murdering them
Is a weird concept

Suicide by cop
Presupposes that
A cop is merely a force
Of nature
With no personal agency
Like gravity
Like gas
Like the ocean
A cop just kills
With as much culpability
As San Francisco Bay

You can’t indict the noose
You can’t convict the gun
The tool of the suicide
Is blameless