Alienation #6

At the high end shopping facility
Everything presents as a threat
The opulence surrounding

The mannequins
Grey menace

The Range Rovers harsh
Their halogens upon a blinded world

Footsteps which
Bear the weight
Of state violence

Fingers which know the touch
Of 911 dials
Antifa paranoias
Those who smile and wave to cops

Now we know who they’re willing
To slaughter
In untold number
To avoid the slightest inconvenience


When you were born everything was already here and they said, “this is the way things are.”

When you saw things were broken and harming 80% of everybody, they said, “This is the way things are. There is nothing else.”

Then you studied history and you saw that things used to be completely different than they are now and you said “This means things could be different than they are now!”

And they said “This is the way things are. History is dead.¬†And if you try to change it, we’ll fucking murder you.”

So a deep anger hardened in your chest and you called it Resolve. And you began to meet other people who felt the same. And together you made plans for something better.