autumn [poetry & video]


the fire recedes from the sky and we know it’s autumn

four months of autumn and eight months of summer

that’s what we get now

in texas

i relish these months when dusty coats can find their place in circulation again

and you can see your breath:

making each exhalation

a visual affirmation

that you are alive

I write this poem every year

a love poem to autumn

in the hopes that she might stick around a little longer this time

it’s an exercise in diminishing returns

because the sun won’t be happy until it swallows the world

Denver’s Birthday [short film script]

The following is a birthday present for my buddy, Denver. But you can enjoy it too if you want.

Denver’s Birthday


A birthday cake with unlit candles is sitting on a surface in the foreground. The background is a blank wall. Denver walks in from left of screen. He’s wearing some sort of formal wear. He lights the candles on the cake and stands center on the screen. He clears his throat, addresses the camera. The whole scene is one continuous shot.

I’ve prepared a statement.

He pulls a folded up piece of paper from his right suit coat inner pocket. He unfolds the piece of paper and reads.

Now that the Communist revolution is nigh at hand, it seems prudent to look back at how we got here…

He looks at the paper curiously. Addresses the camera again.

Wrong statement. This is for another occasion.

He folds the paper back up and places it back in his right pocket. Now he reaches into his left inner suit coat pocket and pulls out a different folded up piece of paper. Clear his throat again.

According to a Facebook meme I saw once, the ceremony of the birthday cake is an old pagan ritual. The candles are the light of life, and the smoke of the snuffed light carries our prayers to the gods. This is why we make the prayer of the wish before we blow out the candles.

Denver hands the paper left offscreen and exits to the right side of the screen. A new reader enters from the left.

We always feel the need to inoculate ourselves from cultural and historical context. History now only extends to the loudest living person’s lifetime.

This reader hands the paper left offscreen and exits to the right side of the screen. A new reader enters from the left.

Some historians and alchemists can see the holy interplay of billions of people over millennia interacting and grinding the grist of history, bringing forward the new, and leaving the unmovable by the side of the road.

The second NotDenver hands the paper offscreen and exits as before. Entering from the left once more is Denver.

So this year, my birthday wish is to see the dialectical interplay of all of time and space. I now send this wish to the gods.

Denver blows out the candles and walks offscreen.