NaPoWriMo 2020 #3-5


I go to the dollar store
for sundries
twice a week.
Yesterday over 10,000 new cases
of Corona were reported in NYC.
The workers at the dollar store
are resigned to their fates.
They know it’s coming.
We all know it’s coming.
A dark cloud of virus looms.


sometimes I smell the perfumes of ghosts
and they send me to worlds without treasure.


when i was in berkeley
a had a knack
for sleeping in places
where nobody could find me
and i would walk the 3 miles
to downtown
every day
and get food from the dollar tree
and go into the bookstore
and try to bargain with the store owner
“take every book i have and give me some jim carroll”
no avail
the proprietor didn’t understand how essential
it was that i know the fear of dreaming
and walked back to my patch of forest
up in the hills
so high that
it seemed i could jump over the bay