vague memories of a Burger King in 1994

vague memories of a Burger King in 1994

It’s me and my dad.
The whole place is empty
like somebody else’s memory of a Burger King.
I get a kid’s meal with a burger in it.
Dad gets a Whopper.
We sit down and there’s a TV playing.
In my memory now it’s a flat screen
but I know that’s impossible.
Some cartoon hobo cats are on the TV.
They’re coveting some fish bones
like they’re a Whopper.
I am awed by the size of my dad’s burger.
He eats such big things.
I’ll know I’m big when I can eat big things.
The toy in my meal is the guy with
the laser eyes from the Burger King commercials.
He’s the cool one.
Everyone knows.
I eat my burger.
My burger tastes like literal poop.
Dad says eat it anyway.
I try. It’s poopie.
I eat the fries instead.
I will not eat Burger King for another 20 years.