Poetry Showcase: Austin Poets’ Union

I’m published with some of the other members of Austin Poets’ Union at Skyway Journal.


autumn [poetry & video]


the fire recedes from the sky and we know it’s autumn

four months of autumn and eight months of summer

that’s what we get now

in texas

i relish these months when dusty coats can find their place in circulation again

and you can see your breath:

making each exhalation

a visual affirmation

that you are alive

I write this poem every year

a love poem to autumn

in the hopes that she might stick around a little longer this time

it’s an exercise in diminishing returns

because the sun won’t be happy until it swallows the world

Hope is a Human Frailty

Tacky though it may be to share a tweet here, I made a new video. And since I am not doing youtube right now, it’s only on facebook and twitter. Please let me know if you think this shameless promotion is gross.

everything is a library [poetry]

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I’m in the third grade and everything is a library

Mrs. Griswold is a haggard old piece of gristle and she hates everything

I am reading about dinosaurs and Greek mythology

It is summer and I am in school as part of some educational experiment
The dinosaurs

they speak to me

they say“I too was unwanted in this world

but look how glorious I was.”
Greek mythology she speaks to me

she says“Here is something too magnificent to be believed

Here is something holy

fallen into disrepair.”
And Mrs. Griswold can only scowl in reproach

as I indulge wonders she long ago denied