suicide by cop

The idea that somebody
Can commit suicide
By somebody else murdering them
Is a weird concept

Suicide by cop
Presupposes that
A cop is merely a force
Of nature
With no personal agency
Like gravity
Like gas
Like the ocean
A cop just kills
With as much culpability
As San Francisco Bay

You can’t indict the noose
You can’t convict the gun
The tool of the suicide
Is blameless

10 thoughts on “suicide by cop

  1. Suicide by cop might be more than efficient than suicide by polar bear also a primal force of nature the only difference would be that the cop is a conscious human being that suffers from killing another human being.


      1. Shooting is quick but life is long, I believe that when killing a human you also destroy something in your psyche but the effect takes long time to show. Then we have the psychopaths of course. Complex question.


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