Alienation #1

Why do I feel the need to commodify my every thought?
Why do I seek the validation of likes for my work?
I hate this part of myself.
I want to create for the sheer joy of creation.
What would I make if validation didn’t matter?

3 thoughts on “Alienation #1

  1. Thank you, this is very raw. I actually think that most of us do create for the sheer joy of creation. Simply, we tend to stretch our expectations beyond the creation part. And we feel as if validation afterwards is the only thing that makes our work real and important. We forget that we should instead linger on the honesty and beauty that we achieve AND obtain in the creation process. And we should all learn to be more appreciative of ourselves. Thank you for your words πŸ™‚

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  2. I think, at heart, most of us wish to be validated, either directly or indirectly, through our art. And I think a reason (I’m certain there are many) this may be, is because as creators, we wish to share, to connect with others. By being aware of our sneaking desire for validation, we can keep it in check, and keep our motives aligned with our creative aspirations. At least, I sure hope so…! πŸ˜‰

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