We’re Not All in This Together

The most annoying part
Of the pandemic
Has to be
The cloying
Saccharine commercials
Speaking in earnest
Vocal fry
With stock piano Chords
Fuzzy montages
“We care about you.
Don’t get out the guillotine.
Buy a Toyota
In these hard times.”
And then the viewer
Presumably damp-eyed
From all the corporate love
Buys a thing
Because “we’re all in this together.”

5 thoughts on “We’re Not All in This Together

  1. I’m moving toward getting rid of TV…a local station has its news team doing ads boasting in earnest tones that they “stand for truth” (presumably regarding reporting the news accurately and honestly). Something about the idea of having to state such a position/mission feels “off” to me. Maybe I’m cynical–but I recall being taught that if people begin a statement with,”I’m telling you the truth”–it’s a good bet they don’t make a habit of truth-telling, otherwise.

    So this comment is a bit off topic, and you can delete it–it’s your blog. I needed to get it off my mind–and I agree that we’re not all in this together, sweet as the chorus sounds. The responses to pandemic “adjustments”/mandates are diverse–not everyone’s on the same page, willing to work together for the benefit of all. I’ll head to bed now–hope you are safe and well, have a good day.

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